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We teach the Science, Philosophy and Religion of Spiritualism.
Visit Often for new Classes and Seminars held throughout the year !
Rev. Jeannie Lerch
Cell 407-719-9790
    (407) 678-3688
Healing Services
10:30 am Healing
11 am Service
7:30 pm Healing
8 pm Service
Church Front
3210 North Chickasaw Trail
Orlando, Florida 32817
Sunday, July 10 - Guest Speaker Mr. Joy Sagar
Sunday, July 10 - 1pm to 3pm - CHAKRAS, ENERGIES and YOU!
Host - Mr. Joy Sagar, Price $30
We are all made up of energy.   We are energy.  Classically we have 7 chakras in our body.  These chakras have been defined and then there are other variations to these 7 chakras.  This workshop is directed towards a greater undersanding of our chakras and how we can utilize them to be in better tune with ourselves.
For more information:  joyofcassadaga@gmail.com
Sunday, July 24 - Guest Speaker Reverend John Rogers
Collection for Orlando's East Side Homeless
(families that are living in the woods)
Ongoing contributions needed:   Dried and canned food products, bottled water, toiletries and hygiene products, bug repellent, batteries, flashlights, clothing (adult and child)   Please use bins in the vestibule.
Thank you for helping these families that want to stay together.
FREE CPR class presented by the Orange County Fire Dept is held every several months.  Signup sheet is in church vestibule.



 Donation - We are always very thankful for any donation for church maintenance!!

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